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O is the Sun, D is the Dawn.

How Words Bloom
from Pictures in the Alphabet


The world's most ancient languages, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sumerian, Phoenician, paleo-Hebrew, and Chinese were pictographic. But as younger writing systems like Greek and then Latin evolved, characters were often rotated, and became more abstract. The connection between characters and real world objects was lost. Until now.

O is the sun.
H means high and heaven. It depicts a ladder leading up!
D is the half disk of the rising sun.
A is an arrow pointing up, meaning above, arise, or ascend.
W is a crown, or spreading rays
N is the leg of a woman kneeling to give birth.

Letters are pictures, language is a puzzle. Let's explore the mystery together!

O up from below, rain from en haut, then a fingered hand making a wave, an embrace. 4-21-17. Morning vision of a Zen circle.

Letters have a secret identity -- Letters are Pictures!
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